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Barwork for the New Toyota Hilux 5(1)

The new Toyota Hilux has been released in Australia and Ironman 4x4 is announcing a full range of bar work to suit.

The new Hilux Bull bar has been crafted to enhance it’s overall look and performance.

Improved approach angles ensure more clearance on the tracks and the full bumper replacement design allows quick and easy installation.

Stand out looks were essential when designing the bar.

 Sculpted with multi-fold edges on the body create a unique and well synced design that matches with the vehicle. 3 2(1)

 Ironman 4x4 will be releasing a full range of bars including their Commercial, Commercial Deluxe, Protector and Alloy designs.

All featuring Ironman 4x4s full complement of features including airbag & winch compatibility, spotlight & aerial mounts and high lift jack points.

Ironman 4x4’s new hybrid design side steps and scrub rails are kicking off with the launch of the new Hilux.

The hybrid design allows the modular addition of Ironman 4x4 scrub bars to the side steps at a later time without the need to modify them and continue to offer airbag compatibility

Ironman’s range of Rear Protection Tow Bars continues to expand with the introduction of another tough rear bar.

 Using 4mm steel for maximum strength and protection,the rear bars feature integrated high light jack and tow points and are rated for 3.5T towing – matching or exceed the vehicles maximum towing capacity (see user manual for individual vehicle tow ratings).

All Ironman 4x4 rear protection tow bars also come with a tow bar tongue with tow ball.

Those not looking for the benefits of rear protection,Ironman 4x4 are releasing high clearance tow bars.

Designed to suit the Hilux factory OE bumper.

As with the Rear Protection Tow bars,they are rated for up to 3.5T towing in accordance with the vehicles tow ratings and come with tow bar tongue and tow ball.

 To ensure safe use and recovery off-road, Iron man 4x4 have developed a pair of recovery points for the front of the Hilux.

Sold as a kit and designed to work with Ironman 4x4 bull bars, these recovery

points are honed out of 12mm steel and rated for up to 5,000kg of load – more than enough for any trouble the Hilux could get into.

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